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My Story

I fell in love with design early on and started creating websites and learning responsive frameworks like Bootstrap & WordPress, while earning my BA in Graphic Design. I knew I needed design in my life and began seeking more challenging opportunities. This is why I fell in love with UX/UI.

I learned that it is all about the process. Documentation, identifying pain points, researching, synthesizing collected user data into key deliverables. Using existing user patterns & when to break those patterns, iterations in an agile environment. I’ve done 1000’s of wireframes, hours of team brainstorming sessions and presented to fortune 1000 clients through my UX work.

I’ve consulted and have agency experience that has allowed me to work on a wide range of products and I am very grateful to the people who throw these opportunities my way.

Fun Facts

Me chilling and working on the beaches of LA. This is where I’m from.

I love running and fermenting food. I completed my first half marathon in March 2020 and am part of the East Atlanta Village Running Group & I co-run an instagram called witching.hour.ferments.

This is our dog Ronin, she’s a big strong Doberwoman who loves to run, play tug and chase frisbees. She’s definitely the jock of the family.

I attend Hackathons! Here our team won best UX / UI. Our concept was to create an educational game that focused on Osteoporosis awareness targeted toward young adults.

UX Resources

Favorite UX / UI Designers

Jakub Antolik  – such creative UI, he doesn’t let patterns stop him from innovation. He does experimental interaction design with organic movement as a focus.

Nicholas Tenhue – his prolific publications on UX inspires me to get my opinion out there and his articles are very well put together.

Louise Campbell – gave me a lot of advice that helped shape my career goals as a UX designer

William Larsen – was my mentor in college and is now a staff Senior UX Designer at Google.