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Project Description

Destini Locators



Destini Locators is the leading CMS & store locator solution in the Food & Snack Industry. Destini allows their users to see powerful analytics on customers behavior including product searches, tracking purchases to show most popular locations and popular product types.

  • User Interface Design

  • Troubleshooting

  • UX Adjustments


  • Troubleshoot and improve the UX for their data uploader experience.

  • Design UI for consumer product store locators.

  • Create clickable prototypes for client review.


I documented bugs & pain points from the initial uploader UX. I then helped with the technical writing for the uploader and also brainstormed with the rest of the UX team ways to add humanistic traits to improve the mood of users during this complex task.

(Above) Pain Point Documentation
(Above) Map of existing & proposed workflows

I was also assigned to designing UI for the store locator aspect of the software. Wireframes were given to me, and it was my job to execute the visual design based on the style guides provided by the clients. I worked with front end developers to make global styles & responsive/mobile versions. Each locator had an invision app prototype that we used to get client feedback.

(Above) Wireframes handed off by UX team
(Above) Mobile wireframes handed off by UX team


The interfaces were seamlessly executed by the front end development team and are now live on the clients’ websites. Here are some locators I designed.

Click to view live
Siggi’s Store locator
Click to view live
Special K’s Store locator
Click to view live
Beanitos’s Store locator