Project Description


is a competitor that helps companies manage their company brand as well as provide a place for employees to leave company reviews anonymously. I worked as lead designer on their web app and their company brand management website.

What I worked on:
  • User Experience Updates

  • UI Redesign & Updated Look

  • Integrated Customer Feedback

  • Targeted Landing Pages

  • Custom Marketing Emails


Start up in Silicon Beach is looking to grow their product at an astounding rate. With big goals set for the year of 2018, the company is now making revenue and is working on optimizing and adding features to their product.

  • (1) Senior UX Designer

  • (1) Data¬†Analyst

  • (5) Front & Backend Developers

  • (2) Product Managers

  • (1) Project Manager

  • (7) Sales & Customer Service Representatives


I was a Senior UX/UI designer for this Company and I came in after the initial beta was completed. The rest of the team consisted of a product manager & a data analyst, whom I worked closely with. We had an in-house development team where I collaborated with a senior front end developer to execute UI. When I first arrived, the company was ready to get started on a couple key feature updates. These updates included a company profile page update (b2c), visual design updates to their b2b software as well as adding a new job ingestion feature.

  • Utilize feedback from new & existing customers to update features

  • User Experience / Workflow Development

  • Update most highly trafficked web pages to enhance UX/UI (Version 2.0)

How it Works

  • Job seekers want to learn about companies & get salary info.

  • Companies can accurately display their culture & salary information.

  • Existing employees come to the site to review their companies.

Company Profile Page

For the Company Profile Page, I started by doing a pain point analysis of the existing state to identify UX  issues with the system. It then became clear that the design was lacking a sense of hierarchy all through out. I also found that the responsive nature of the page could be improved dramatically. To confirm my findings, I set out to perform remote user tests with users.

(Above) Existing State Company profile – Above the Fold

Initial user feedback was translated over to me through our customer service and sales teams. They interact the most with our site users as well as Employers and had great feedback to give. They were able to help validate the importance of particular pain points through their personal experience with thousands of users and helped me and the data analyst create a valuable remote user testing session.

(Above) Documented Pain Points
(Above) Example Customer Service Software for User Feedback

The remote testing session consisted of 10 tasks. Users completed the tasks within a 5-15min range. We had our users enter our site through our most common sign up flow, which starts from a company search and leads a user to a company profile page where they are prompted to sign up through multiple CTA’s on the page.

Part of the Company Profile page redesign was creating a page for better conversion, so having a subjective review with a somewhat vague task of signing up was helpful in seeing how our users think about conversion. Afterwards, pain points were recorded and consolidated by importance which were then translated into the new design.

(Above) Remote User Testing Session

The new design! Through many iterations, I was able to come up with a new modular design that did the following:

  • Updated content hierarchy to show important information more quickly

  • Made CTA’s at the top stand out more for employers and jobseekers

  • How written reviews about the company more quickly

  • Divided information that is targeted towards employers on a right side bar and info most pertinent to jobseekers in the main content area.

  • Designed main content area at 3/4 width to make it more easily readable.

  • Created a design system that is responsive & works with multiple states where a lack of data may be an issue.

  • Optimized layout created less scrolling

(Above) Finished Design – Above the Fold
(Above) Finished Design – Above the Fold

Visual Design Updates

I was also tasked with creating visual design updates for the company management software that employers use to fill out their information. The goal here was to create an aesthetic that uses as many existing components as possible while elevating the brand. I wanted to create an open and airy feel when in the product that was clear to users and that could be easily implemented by the development team in a short amount of time.

(Above & Below) Current Visual Design Style for b2b product

For the two new designs below, I chose to start with re-designing the dashboard since it was the first impression of our software and a jumping point to other areas. I also redesigned the “Edit My Company Page” to show what new form styles could do for the aesthetic and feel of the application. The result felt a lot more unified than the existing design and also displayed the information more efficiently.

(Above) Updated Visual Design Style for b2b product dashboard
(Above) Updated Menu Design & Global Form Styles


Through our SEO efforts on the other pages I have designed, our site traffic increased 3X over a 3 month period. The effort was collectively achieved by the team and we couldn’t be more proud! While the focus of the current state of the company may be more on the execution side of SEO & marketing, designs have been approved for a future product that will hopefully boost conversion on the work we have all ready done.

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