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Project Description

Web App for Start Up



A web app focused on finding a solution to reach group consensus. Their users are tired of long, vague group texts that make reaching a group decision exhausting.


I was approached by this start-up who was looking for a UX consultant to do an analysis of their MVP and help with their workflow development and other UX needs.

  • Workflow Development

  • Pain Point Analysis

  • User Research


Pain Point Analysis

I went through their existing wireframes and live beta to identify pain points and issues with the application. I would then present solutions for these issues to the product manager who would decide to implement what was feasible.

(Above) State of the app I was analyzing
(Above) Example of Pain Point Analysis

Workflow Documentation & Recommendations

I suggested workflows and identified paths for users to complete a series of actions. I would then explain the benefits and drawbacks of these workflows to the team

  • Created Sketch Files of Workflows

  • Documented Pain Points with Recommendations

  • Consolidated Market Research

(Above) Workflow Documentation
(Above) My Wireframes

Brainstorm Sessions

After discussing overall goals of the app, we brainstormed competitors and ideal user types for the software. This meant competitive analysis matrices and user personas.

(Above) Brainstorm Session
(Above) Visual Design Concept

Visual Design Concepts

While brainstorming the main UX aspects of the app, we were also working on next steps for look and feel for the question asking and answering process. We used these visual concepts to help determine interaction design patterns for Wrangl.


After working directly with the product manager and the software team, we got back on track with clearer goals and were ready to attack the next phase of development.

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